16 Vitamins & Supplements for Stress — Life Extension

List of best supplements for stress

How do stress relief supplements work?

What are the best vitamins and supplements for stress relief?

Man and dog sitting in opened trunk of a car enjoying the sun for vitamin D and less stress

1. Magnesium

2. L-theanine

3. Ashwagandha

4. Vitamin D


6. Melatonin

7. Lemon balm

8. Vitamin C

9. Omega-3s

10. Rhodiola rosea

11. Valerian root

12. Phosphatidylserine

13. Chamomile

14. Lavender

15. Saffron

16. B vitamins

Are stress supplements safe?

Other anti-stress tips

Woman smelling and going to drink a glass mug of chamomile tea as a natural stress reliever





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